Two Tips for Maximising the Benefits of Undergoing Chiropractic Treatment

If you have a health issue that requires chiropractic treatment (such as sciatica or cervicogenic headaches), here are some steps you should take to maximise the benefits of the treatment process.

Inform the chiropractor of any pre-existing health conditions

In addition to providing the chiropractor with background information on the condition that you want to have treated, it is also important to inform them of any other pre-existing health conditions that you have that they need to know about in order to provide you with the best possible treatment.

For example, if, as a result of kidney stones or a recent kidney infection, the area of your lower back where your kidneys are located feels very tender and sore to the touch, then it is important to discuss this with the chiropractor. They can then avoid using any vigorous adjustment techniques in those areas. This will ensure that when you leave the appointment, the improvements you experience with, for example, your sciatica, won't be overshadowed by any aching sensation in your kidneys.

Likewise, if you are a woman and you are pregnant, it is very important to let your chiropractor know this before they start treating you. Do not assume that they will realise this without you saying anything, even if your bump is starting to show. Although it is safe to undergo chiropractic treatment whilst pregnant, your chiropractor may adjust their approach slightly to ensure that you are comfortable (for example, they may provide extra cushions to support your bump whilst they perform spinal adjustments) and to make sure that the adjustments are suitable and safe for you in your pregnant state.

Don't leave large gaps of time between your chiropractic appointments

Many conditions that can be treated by a chiropractor require multiple sessions in order to be fully resolved. If your chiropractor has informed you that you will probably have to undergo six or seven sessions before your sciatica drastically improves, it is best to arrange for these appointments to be carried out in relatively quick succession.

The reason for this is that after each appointment, you should notice an improvement in your health condition. However, if you wait a month or two before returning to the chiropractor, you may gradually undo any progress you made during your previous appointment — particularly if in between these appointments, you do anything that can exacerbate your condition. For instance, if you have sciatica and you sit for long periods of time, this can irritate the sciatic nerve.

This will lead to the recovery process taking far longer. As such, if you want to get better as quickly as possible, it is important to prioritise going to the chiropractor regularly.

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