Pregnancy Ailments You May Be Unaware Of

While pregnancy is one of the most phenomenal times of a woman's life, this miracle comes with its share of discomfort. Since your body is changing at a rapid rate to accommodate the new life, it is not unusual to develop some health issues along the way. People will typically associate pregnancy with morning sickness, but this is just one of the discomforts that you may experience. Take note that while a majority of the complications you develop will not be life-threatening, it is imperative to see an obstetrician immediately if you feel that the symptoms are affecting your well-being. Below are typical pregnancy ailments that you may be unaware of.

Chronic lethargy

Fatigue is a typical ailment that pregnant women will complain about. The lethargy, however, is very normal. Since your body is redirecting nutrients to the unborn child as well as expending energy to grow the foetus, it is not surprising that you may feel lethargic for a while. Another reason for lethargy is the production of progesterone, which functions to prepare your body for the growing baby. Hence, progesterone-caused fatigue is especially common during the first trimester. To replenish your energy levels, you should have a diet rich in minerals, iron and vitamins.

Chronic heartburn

Although heartburn will not affect all pregnant women, it is a prevalent pregnancy ailment. Heartburn may sound minor, but when you are continually experiencing it, the heartburn can be incredibly painful. This ailment comes about due to the contraction of your intestines making room for the growing baby. As a result, any food you eat moves slowly through your gastric tract, making you feel bloated. Furthermore, the valve that functions to keep your stomach closed remains open due to the slow-moving food. This allows bile juices to spill over. Fortunately, your obstetrician can prescribe medication to mitigate the heartburn.


Another unusual symptom that could accompany your pregnancy is the onset of bleeding gums. When you are pregnant, drastic hormonal changes are occurring in your body. These hormonal changes can cause your gums to become inflamed, and this will lead to bleeding whenever your brush them. Additionally, the inflammation makes your gums vulnerable to bacteria, which increases the chance of developing gingivitis. Even though this ailment is common, it is still essential to visit your obstetrician who can either provide you with medication or direct you to a dentist near to you.

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