What You Should Know About Dentures

Having dentures is an ideal solution if you are missing some or all of your teeth and you want to get your smile back. There are, however, a number of things that one needs to do in order to keep them in perfect condition and maintain a good oral health. Here are some of the facts that you need to know.

You will have to clean your dentures

Just as you would clean your natural teeth, dentures have to be cleaned, at least twice a day. Apart from the obvious fact that you will be promoting a good oral health, you will invariably keep at bay complications such as oral infections and inflammation of the gum. This is the surest way of fighting tooth decay and hence preventing the other teeth from falling.

Some products can damage your dentures

Dentures should never be cleaned by use of bleaching products. In essence, you will need the right denture cleaner if you want to avoid damage. This simply means that, if you have dentures with a soft lining, then some of the cleaners may damage them. Therefore you will need to use a cleaner that says it can safely be used on soft linings. Likewise, if they are metallic in nature, you will need to purchase a cleaner that states that it is safe to use on metallic dentures. Talk to your dentist for advice if you cannot find the right denture cleaner.

Doing some lifestyle changes will prevent staining of the dentures

You will need to adjust what you drink if you want to keep stains at bay. This will include not consuming too much-caffeinated tea and coffee that may cause discolouring of the dentures. Too much red wine can also have the same effect on them. If you notice that they have started getting discoloured, you might need to seek advice from your dentist to help you clean them professionally.

Other routine maintenance practices

It is important to remove the dentures before retiring to bed as sleeping with the dentures on may cause inflammation of the gum and lead to a yeast infection known as denture stomatitis. Soak them in a denture cleaner through the night.  Consider consulting your dentist if you start to develop any issues such as bad breath or even pain in the gum. Also, if they cannot stay in the right place and move in the mouth, see a dentist. Do not consider repairing them yourself. Some over-the-counter products can cause irreversible damage. 

Lastly, remember not everyone can wear dentures. A dentist will determine this by considering factors such as age, oral health and the anatomy of the patient's jaw. As a routine, always check with your dentist for a good oral hygiene. 

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